Franchising Opportunities

We wish to extend the Chateau Kabab family with partners who share our values and are capable to propagate them.

Restaurant Chateau Kabab is a leading name in the world of Middle Eastern food. Chateau Kabab which has been established in 2005 is bound to be the pioneer in combining both, the Persian and Iraqi cuisines under one roof. From our specialty in Iraqi and Persian wood char broil grills, authentic home cooked middle-eastern dishes to Lebanese specialty appetizers and sharwarma. If you have a desire for owning your own business that matches your passion for fresh, healthy and quality foods, one of our restaurant franchises may be the perfect fit for you. Our team of experts can train you in all aspects of your business, from marketing and operations to inventory, staffing, site selection and more.

If you are up for the challenge of running your own Chateau Kabab restaurant, please contact us today by email or telephone for more information about opportunities near you.

Kasim Mozan